I purchased a “Crosley Radio” brand of replica vintage console am/fm radio. This radio looks just like the old time radios that were used in the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. Hidden inside this commercially available console radio is a CD and cassette player. I also fabricated a wooden harness that holds a small amateur radio receiver.  This harness is attached to and hidden in back of the Crosley Radio until needed.

      I wanted to have regular “vintage radio programs” in nursing homes and retirement communities nationwide.  The program would start with one half hour of listening to amateur radio conversations. The wooden harness holding the ham radio receiver that is hidden in back of the vintage looking am/fm radio is pulled out of it’s hiding place by pulling upward, forward and down to rest on top of the Crosley Radio. After the residents listen to ham radio, there would be one half hour of listening to the vintage radio programs that were aired in the 1930’s and 1940’s. “Gunsmoke”, the “Jack Benny Show”, “The Shadow Knows” and “The Green Hornet” radio theatre are now available as CD reproductions. World War Two veterans and their peers used to listen to these radio programs as youth.

      I would close the weekly program with one half hour of listening to classical music via the hidden CD player.

     I had a working prototype of this modified vintage looking Crosley Radio, but gave it to a friend  (Tom Barron of Ruthton, Mn. ) as payment for helping me move out of my veterinary clinic when it closed.

     I also want to mention that my KID’S CLUB units can be used in these nursing homes and retirement homes as a compromise to the institution management who are hostile to amateur radio. There are lots of ham radio operators who have loved this wonderful hobby, who are not able to use their hobby because they are now in nursing homes or retirement communities.

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