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amateur radio-morse communiction exhibit     This thumbnail photo represents the most recent change to my display. It is the most professional and streamlined looking. It consists of a portable amateur radio station, an amateur radio DVD viewing station and a morse practice station. Since the photo was taken, I painted the hinges on the sign black and removed the metal hooks on the laminated signs- replacing them with black nylon string.

      I am hoping for your interest and help with this project.    Personally, I consider this project a God given ministry. Once one makes the effort to learn the morse language, this communication method is so relaxing and fun. I consider this fun to be addicting. This fun is a wholesome, safe, non violent alternative to video game use and television and movie viewing.

     The members of the “Samuel F. Morse amateur radio club” are all morse enthusiasts. On August 9, 2012- this club was featured in a Sacramento Fox40 television news story. The video of this story is on the Samuel F. Morse amateur radio club website. The club website is at: W6SFM.com. This television news video is also seen on the “FOX40 video” page seen in this project blog.

      I have exhibited this neat display at Rancho Cordova’s annual “Kid’s Day at the Park” event one recent year.

      Some of the comments from the young viewers-participants were:

     “This is SO COOL!”, “You HAVE to try this!”, “Can I try it?”

      The excitement and amazement in the faces of the other viewers-participants of this display-exhibit was obvious.

       I would love to exhibit-display my project for classroom demonstrations. I have yet to convince educators of the value of this outreach for students. Once again, this display is a wholesome, lots of fun, historic, stress diverting, safe, self esteem elevating presentation of this wonderful hobby.

       To obtain an amateur radio license, these applicants have to learn basic electronics to pass the tests needed to obtain government issued amateur radio licenses. Historically, numerous electrical engineers have started their electronic careers by passing the amateur radio license exams.

      This week (starting Sept. 12, 2012) I started teaching the Capital Christian Center “Ranger” group of boys (fifth grade through high school) about amateur radio. The boys knew little about this wonderful hobby. They were enthused to hear about it and see and hear my portable amateur radio station. They were especially amazed to see me converse in morse at speeds in excess of thirty words per minute and to hear that most of our astronauts are amateur radio operators, have a ham radio station on our space station and like to use it to talk to school amateur radio club members. At the end of the mentoring sessions, nine boys studied to take the Technician class exam for their amateur radio licenses.

       At the 2014 ScholarShare Literacy event at Sacramento’s FairyTale Town, a teen approached my display. He was fascinated by my morse practice station and enthusiastically wanted to try the modern iambic morse paddles himself. He had a stuttering issue and badly wanted to do what he saw me do with morse. He came back to my exhibit three times.

       I personally feel that this wonderful hobby may fill the niche for those young adults who do not care about sports or may not be good in sports to find a wholesome, challenging, stress diverting, self esteem elevating,exciting historic, safe, fun way to relieve the increasing level of stress in lives surrounded by sexual and violent paradigms. Or, perhaps an amateur radio licensee will save one or more lives. This has been seen in the past.

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