“Beneath your hospital bed”

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

     We know about the “massage recliners and chairs” that are now available.  It is time for this technology to be applied to hospital beds. 

     I found the following information on the website- “Massagetherapy.com”:

     ” Any condition that reduces the frequency of voluntary or involuntary movements, decreases the closing pressure of capillaries, decreases oxygen carrying capacity, increases tissue demand for oxygen, reduces availability of albumin, vitamins, and trace elements needed for viability of cells, or reduces the resistance of skin to infection can put a person at risk for bed sores.”

     The same laptop computers that are used in the distraction therapy techniques described in my “Beyond your hospital bed” post on this project blog could be applied to this “massage therapy” use also. The hospital bed manufacturer personnel could convene a panel of physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, internists, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, exercise physiologists, biomedical engineers and software engineers.  Because of the amazing communication capability of the internet, the dialogue with this panel of experts can be accomplished through internet conference calls.

     Toyota motor company’s T.H.U.M.S. software could provide the nexus and prototype “patient” to help provide this panel with the information needed to design this next generation hospital mattress.

     This panel of experts would design the optimum levels, duration and locations of tactile pressure depending upon the patients’ clinical diagnosis and physical and mental conditioning.

      The hardware and software would then be designed based upon this research. The laptop computers would control the sensors located in the hospital bed mattress which subsequently control the roller plates (or perhaps precision air pressure technology from “next generation” air mattress technology) in this mattress.

      I would like to see the “Beyond your hospital bed” idea posted in this blog combined with this “Beneath your hospital bed” post to create a hospital bed that provides both distraction therapy via the over the bed computer flat screen monitors and the benefits of therapeutic massage provided by this product.

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