“Wyatt’s Theorem”

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What is “Wyatt’s Theorem”?:
        1. CW (morse) communication is rare. It is so rare that many people live their lives without seeing morse operation. Many people who do view and listen to morse communication find it fascinating to watch. The majority of young adults who view morse communication are fascinated when they see it in operation.
     CW communication is historic. It has an exciting history. This quality makes cw communication appealing to young adults. It has the “secret language” aspect because it is so rarely used by the public.
      2. Young adults learn cw faster and easier than adults. The civil war leadership utilized this fact by using young adults as “telegraphers” in the civil war.
     3. CW communication is like any “foreign language”. It takes many hours of effort to learn it well. Many people attempt to learn cw, but fail because it is difficult to learn it well.
     4. CW communication, if learned well, is so much fun- it is “addicting”. I have often “talked” to other cw operators who are in the midst of their “cw fix” for the day. CW communication may not be as much fun until the CW is learned so well it can be “copied” at speeds in excess of thirty words per minute without taking written notes. The “work” aspect of cw communication then falls away and the pure enjoyment of it starts. Modern technology has removed the physical effort once required to send cw. Modern cw keys attached to “electronic keyers” have two vertical paddles. One paddle sends a string of “dots” as long as it is pressed. The other vertical paddle sends a string of “dashes” as long as it is pressed.
     5. CW communication is challenging. It is fun to send the right amount of dots and dashes and send cw with the goal of zero mistakes.
     6. CW communication solves the need for everyone to have social interaction. It is valuable for “introverts” who have difficulty finding the words to communicate “face-to-face” with other people. CW communication gives these people time to find the right words to say. It solves this social interaction need in a non-threatening, safe, self esteem building, fun, relaxing way. “Facebook” use by these at risk young adults could possibly lead to the new psychological syndrome called “Facebook depression”. The KID’S CLUB units can be used in some cases to treat this depression.
     I told a newspaper reporter that CW communication combines the fun, challenges and self esteem elevating properties of video game use with the utility of cell phone texting to communicate with other people.
     However, cell phone texting is not nearly as much fun as cw communication. Cell phone texting can also be done by nearly everyone.

     Video game use exposes young people to violence- killing imaginary people and monsters does not seem edifying. Responsible people can assume that this video game violence will continue to spiral downward. Once young adults become “addicted” to video games, their appetites will spiral into the “mature” themes and worse that are now available. It seems to me that video game addiction now teaches young people: 1. how to “kill” people in ever more creative ways and 2. How to have “sex” with women figures in revealing clothing.

     I read today (06/05/012) that the Norway killer who killed 77 people in Norway last summer played the video games “World of Warcraft” and “Modern Warfare” for several hours every day for several months prior to his killing spree.
      It seems to me that this is objective evidence that video game addiction can be very harmful to people and there is a need for wholesome, safe, non violent alternative sources of fun and stress diversion such as amateur radio,including morse communication.

      These qualities of cw communication make it ideal as a self esteem building, stress diverting, source of fun for young adults. I am especially thinking about its’ qualities as a motivating tool for stressed, at risk, “troubled” young adults who have few obvious redeeming qualities.
      Why couldn’t learning and using CW communication be used as an alternative to “punishment” for selected populations of juvenile offenders? This select group of troubled young adults would have the choice of learning and regularly using cw communication or being placed with their troubled peers in the self esteem destroying, isolated buildings- separate from the “normal” population of young adults. This CW communication ability would instead be the “carrot” that places young adult offenders above their peers. The judge or prosecutor in the case would then loan a KID’S CLUB unit to the young adult.

      These young novice CW operators would possibly feel compelled to study basic electronic theory, become proficient in reading and spelling and study FCC rules governing the amateur radio service. They could then pass the FCC supervised test required to obtain a federal amateur radio license. The amateur radio service contains the last remaining pool of accomplished cw operators worldwide. I do not believe that this theorem has been tested and would be an ideal topic for a research project by an advanced degree candidate. It is so frustrating to me that the people who can influence educational and public policy will not even let me demonstrate the qualities of cw communication. I have the equipment and ability to demonstrate this, but rarely receive any replies to my solicitations for help and chairpersonship of my project. My idea of nirvana is a job that allows me to demonstrate cw communication to other people.

     I read recently that the national student school drop-out rate is 25 percent. This seems high to me, but it must be accurate. Why is there a twenty five percent public school drop-out rate? It seems to me the answer is obvious- school is not fun. There are national academic standards that require students to attend and learn ever more rigorous knowledge. The school student may be a victim of the ever increasing peer bullying problem while at school. The slower learning, slightly less intelligent students may have problems learning the academic curriculum.

      Increasingly, single parent households do not have the energy, time or knowledge to help these students keep up with the increasingly mandated educational curriculum.

     I would consider dropping out of school myself if I were a high school student these days. I was thin, shy and had few friends in school. I would have been a top candidate for the social networking criticism and mean ” put downs” by my peers. The bullying situation is now worse, because disparaging comments can now be distributed through social media on the web to countless people.

     I believe that the daily pressure on individuals simply to make it to the end of the day, week or year has greatly increased. School administrators are pressured to teach students academic curriculum, but the social paradigm has now changed in modern times. School administrators now MUST also expose students to strategies that will help them simply SURVIVE adult LIFE. Hobby exposure is one way to do this. It is not now being done by school administrators.

     I am a veterinarian, not a PHD. academic. It seems to me that they cannot see the “forest through the trees”. What good are standardized academic daily rigors if the school student is not there to learn the information? Make school fun. Have an amateur radio station in each school, supervised by amateur radio operator professional teachers. Tell students that if they will attend school all day, at 2:30 pm, the amateur radio station operator-teacher will contact and you can ask questions of:

     1. Mondays: an astronaut on the US Space Station (also an amateur radio station enthusiast).

     2. Tuesdays : a “sea-faring” cruise ship captain in the Atlantic ocean ( also an amateur radio enthusiast ).

     3. Wednesdays: a veterinarian, MD, pacific oil rig supervisor, actor, etc. (also an amateur radio enthusiast).

     4. Thursdays: the pilot of a Boeing 747 airplane on a transatlantic flight ( also an amateur radio enthusiast).

     5. Fridays: a scientist at the McMurdo scientific station in the Antarctic ( also an amateur radio enthusiast).

     Once again, to participate in these exciting discussions at the end of the school day, the participants will have been in school all day.

      Of course, these exciting discussions can be accomplished by using “Skype” or other computer managed methods. However, these tasks are routine to students nowadays. Ham radio is a communication mode that is different and unseen to them- thus more exciting to them. Also, there is no nebulous, ephemeral “magic” involved with communicating via telephone, cell phone or other internet lines. Only by realizing that the voices are coming into the classroom via the “magic” of airwaves, is the “magic” maintained even after all these decades of use.

     Or- student excitement could be generated by the teacher-amateur radio operator promising to those students who attend school the whole day that the amateur radio operator-teachers would attempt contacts by using the school’s “moon bounce” amateur radio equipment. Signals are bounced off the moon to provide world wide radio contacts.

      The idea mentioned above does not appeal to academics? Well, perhaps one hour of each school day is spent in the “Hospital’s Hobby Haven” type school rooms, devoted to student perusing of all the fun, new, exciting, stress diverting and different hobbies that are available to help people cope in today’s increasingly “stressed-out”, performance measured lifestyle. Once again, entry to this school room with the hobby directory on CD or DVD would be restricted to students who have been in school all day or every day of that week. If a hobby is selected- the teacher would make every effort to solicit and provide all the materials and contacts needed for that student to work on his/her chosen hobby during the last hour of each school day. Once again, the student would not be able to work on this hobby in the “Hospital’s Hobby Haven” school room unless he/she attended school for the whole day or every day that week.

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