“Thanks, Lord.” prays the nurse-phlebotomist

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

      This prayer will be commonly thought  after the newly developed intravenous catheter placement “smart-tool” is clinically marketed.

      Technology exists to combine nano-technology, Robotics, sonographic guidance technology, laser and infra-red positioning technology, biomedical and mechanical engineering technology with software engineering to ensure proper placement of intravenous catheters without mistakes.

      Perhaps this scenario is possible:   A microsized computer flat screen on top of the smart-tool gives the user a sonographic (or similar technology) image of the vein and it’s width. A cursor, corresponding to the position of the iv. catheter, is seen in this sonographic image. A steady LED light on top of this device and a steady tone tells the caregiver that the correct catheter insertion angle is reached. If the light starts to blink and the tone occurs intermittently, the caregiver knows  that the catheter angle is too shallow or too deep for proper placement. The robotic arms on this smart-tool will  push the catheter through the skin into the vein after the user pushes the button on the side of the device. This tool may save valuable time in emergency situations in which “collapsed veins” are seen.

      This innovative device would be capable of performing a “self check” of all electronic parameters to be certain that these parameters are within specifications prior to each use.

      The  nurse-phlebotomist would manage this  sterilizable hand held device to place the catheters in the veins first time-every time.

      This innovation is also useful in the veterinary paradigm. Perhaps this device would also be widely used in the paramedic arenas.

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