” Don’t wake him, he needs the rest- your Olfan worked it’s magic.”

Posted: November 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

       This old man still remembers fondly the smells of his youth- freshly cut hay, equestrian sweat, cleaning out the horse and cattle barns  and the peculiar smell of freshly shorn wool.

       He is now old, with only the memories and in the hospital confinement. Luckily, he is fortunate enough to have the progressive, caring, ” thinking outside the box” hospital management prescribing the “Recovery Radio” distraction curtain  to surround this patient and the “olfan” olfactory management. He is also fortunate enough to have the caring family members familiar with the fond smells of his youth.

     The “Olfan” is simply a small fan with the custom prescribed activated olfactory cartridges inserted in the cavity in front of this fan. Tbe family members had the choice  of the smells of freshly oiled equestrian saddles,  the faint but peculiar odor from puppies and kittens, freshly cut alfalfa, the barnyard smells, the pine forest in the air, the smell after a soaking rain, the Oregon seacoast, the sweet smell from the bakery, etc. to choose from. 


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