” God answers prayer, sometimes in amazing ways”

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

     As mentioned elsewhere in this blog- I was a thin, shy adolescent. I was not good at sports (but I sure wanted to be).  This patentable idea is sports related, yet it still fits into the overall theme of improving patient care. The idea simply lowers the learning curve required to become outstanding in certain sports. It combines modern technology, professional coaching techniques with practice. With this idea developed, it is possible for a small, thin person to be on the “first team” in basketball, for example.  A “coach” would be available for the youngster while practicing.   Once again, if corporate staff will be willing to appropriate a small percentage of the profits from this idea directly to my three children- this idea is theirs. However, I am hoping that God will bring christian church leadership my way, so that they can benefit from the desires I give you here. I want God to be pleased- after all, they all come from Him. I asked God to take charge of my project and become it’s Leader when the project started years ago.

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