“lonely, bullied youth- so sad, yet treatable”

Posted: December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

amateur radio-morse communiction exhibit       KID’S CLUB units can be kept in psychologists’, psychiatrists’ and school counselors’ offices. They can be taken home, used and returned to the professionals’ offices for a return of the parent’s cash deposit. This concept is attractive if you consider the alternatives now available to divert stress and make new friends in a wholesome, safe way for lonely, bullied youth. The fun, challenges and self esteem elevating attributes of these units are also attractive.  If this concept saves one youngster from suicide- it would be considered valuable.

      Each KID’S CLUB unit consists of a modern, high quality amateur radio receiver, a small “active antenna” for indoor use, a DSP external speaker, a modern morse iambic key and keyer-trainer, the “Code Quick” CD to learn morse easily, a small gel cell twelve volt battery, a set of seven amateur radio comic books and coloring books, the latest Technician class amateur radio license study manual. These items are enclosed in a small, light weight, attractive wooden cabinet to be taken home for use. The modern, iambic key produces dots and dashes electronically. The physical effort once required to send morse is now gone. The modern iambic morse key has two vertical paddles. One paddle sends electronically a string of dots as long as it is pressed. The other vertical paddle sends electronically a string of dashes as long as it is pressed. This produces addicting fun and challenges.  Viewers of my outreach- exhibit are generally amazed when they see and hear me sending morse at speeds at or above thirty words per minute using the modern iambic morse key.  To view photos of the attractive KID’S CLUB enclosure, please view the KID’S CLUB page on this website.

     A small, very thin teen dropped by the youth center. He seemed shy and did not appear to have any friends at the center. He was attracted to my amateur radio station and morse practice station. He was fascinated and did not want to leave when his mother came to take him home. He enthusiastically took the amateur radio comic books I gave him.

     This is a true story about a thirteen year old boy named “Joseph”. Joseph’s mother-Pat inquired about my interest in helping Joseph study for his amateur radio license.  Pat told me that Joseph needed a goal to achieve that would require that he read and study. His reading skills were rather poor and he was struggling with spelling as well. I was also told that Joseph’s speech was poor because he tended to “mumble” and “chew” his words.

     Well, amateur radio came to the rescue. Joseph was so intrigued by the “Now you’re talking” textbook that he could hardly put it down. If he ran across words he was not familiar with, he would ask his parents about them and go from there. His reading skills shot through the roof because he was reading something that he was genuinely interested in. Once I got Joseph started on two meters and he became familiar with the repeaters in the area, he started “talking up a storm”. (written reference narrative available).

     What should be done is provide a school of education ( or school of psychology) university research faculty member(s) to sponsor the KID’S CLUB units for testing analysis in the public school system to provide evidentiary experience.
Would someone out there be willing to work to solicit this sponsor-it would be a good thesis topic for an advanced degree.

      Today’s school system has become too stressful for young people. They are overwhelmed by the stress of trying to keep up with the government mandated school curriculum. The parents, increasingly, cannot help these students with their increasingly inordinate amount of homework. The parents may be “stressed out” from their own societal pressures- single parenting, performance measured careers, economic stress, etc.

     Add the pervasive cruelty of bullying behavior to the students. Many of them simply cannot cope.

      School system administrators have to provide stress diversion for these students. Classrooms have to be started in which students  are informed about new, fun, wholesome, non violent hobbies. For instance- if a bullied student is lonely- he/she will learn about the amazing ,fun “discovery” that can be found in amateur radio and morse communication. This hobby is a relatively unknown way to find and keep worldwide new friends in a safe, wholesome way.

      Perhaps these “Hobby Haven” classrooms can be open on Fridays to students who have been in school every day that week (or absent with approved excuse). This may help to decrease society’s truancy issues.

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