“simply wonderful-modern guided imagery!”

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

       Society has advanced to the stage of greatly enhanced in-patient satisfaction. Give these hospitalized patients a Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 mobile device ( or similar competing mobile devices) with a set of comfortable ear buds with extra long cords (or use pillows with speakers inside- see my “Recovery Radio” posting) , a customized android leather case-suitable for use attached to the front of the patient’s food tray, a box of alcohol wipes for ear bud and android mobile device sanitization and finally- a lifetime membership in the wonderful “calmradio.com” meditative streaming internet music service (this membership fee is paid for by the hospital staff and the fee is passed on to the patient through the hospitalization fees charged and billed to insurance). The Android tablet mobile devices in their customized cases are given to the patient to take home and the small charges for the mobile device and the lifetime membership are added to the hospitalization fees. The front of the food tray has one small female Android tablet receptacle for patient use after the android in its’ case with the male end of the receptacle is attached through the female receptacle.

     The visual spectrum for the patients’ guided imagery experiences are met through in-hospital streaming of wonderful, idyllic landscape, animal or other panoramic experiences seen through the patients’ new mobile devices.

      Another female tablet receptacle will be in the package that is sent home with the patient. An innovative use for the tablet is seen. The female and male receptacles can be used at home or traveling, again- in an innovative way. No tools are needed for this further use.

      Simply wonderful- modern guided imagery!


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