“This is handy”

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

   When I was in veterinary practice, I sometimes used butterfly needle catheters because of their ease of insertion. However, because of lateral movement of the vein, the needle was prone to puncture the walls of the brachial vein on the dorsal aspect front leg- proximal to the carpus. It also was prone to “back out” of this vein.

     Perhaps a sterile, transparent, flexible yet strong, adhesive backed material could be manufactured. There would be a small hole in the middle of this material for the butterfly needle access point. The strong material would “embrace” the medial, lateral and dorsal sides of the metacarpal veins as they cross the dorsal aspect of the hands. This would prevent medial and lateral movement of these veins while the butterfly catheter is in use. A small tab placed in this material and engineered to pull up to prevent the backward movement of this catheter would also be useful in human and veterinary medicine.

     The caregiver would place this sterile material on top of the hand with the iv access hole on top of the dorsal metacarpal vein. After the needle is inserted, the tab in back of the butterfly would snap up to prevent the catheter from “backing out” of the vein.

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