” A Friday afternoon escape for the week-weary schoolchildren”

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

      For those school-children who have endured each day of school, Friday afternoons are an escape.

     Friday afternoons will be fun- limited to those people who have been in school all day-every day that week, or absent with an approved excuse. The first hour of this escape will be spent in conversation with one of the following ( the choices rotate on a weekly schedule): a veterinarian, a medical physician, an actor, a musician, an animal shelter supervisor, a ship captain, a corporate executive, an arborist, a small business owner, an airline pilot, a train engineer, etcetera. These people will tell a captive audience the nuances of each career- the triumphs and the tragedies. These rotating discussions will take place over the magical, wonderful amateur radio that is seen in the classroom “Hobby Haven.” A less exciting method of conversation is through Skype or Google plus.

     The second and third hours of these lazy Friday afternoons will be spent in front of computers- learning about wholesome, new and fun hobbies along with script, video, photos and contact information. In these classroom “Hobby Havens”, other students will work on the hobbies of their choosing- quilting, scrapbooking, stamp collecting, archery, model railroading, model airplane flying, amateur radio, gardening, journaling, etcetera.

    The equipment will be available and space will be reserved for these fine hobbies.

    Why do I recommend this radical approach to education? For an answer, please view the “lonely,bullied youth-so sad, yet treatable” page on this website.

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