Home station Video

Here is the video link showing my home amateur radio station in operation. 

     To view this video, simply click with your cursor on the rectangular box with the triangle in the center of this box in the center of this video.
I just know that there are lots of other introverts like me, who need to fulfill their social interaction needs, but in a non threatening way. Since the age of thirteen, I have met this need in an exciting, challenging, loads of fun, historic, self esteem building way!

  1. Mandy Elley says:

    Greetings from Australia. You helped me with my university assignment. Thank so much.

  2. What method did you use to learn CW? I can learn to recognize letters and put together words, but assembling and comprehending sentences in a reasonable amount of time is as difficult for me as an Aspie as conversing. Maybe some on air practice with someone like me or who understands might help??

    • duanewyatt says:

      Years ago, I learned cw without help of any kind. I would recommend purchasing the ARRL morse code course on CD. You can purchase it through the ARRL store. Or, you can google search for the website of the “Code Quick” method of learning cw. They have success helping people learn cw.

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