Hobbies For Healing

    This page is an attempt to summarize my project. I am thinking that perhaps a good title for the ideas I present may be “HOBBIES FOR HEALING”. When I first started developing the ideas over twelve  years ago now, I titled my project-“HOBBIES FOR HEALING”. I even had a project website by that name years ago. Someone else has that domain name now, I believe.  The “HOBBIESFORHEALING” project was selected to be presented at The National Youth At Risk Conference in Savannah, Georgia in one of these early years. However, I was having severe financial woes at the time and could not afford to pay my expenses to present this project at the Conference.

     My project is all about “ESCAPE”. The users of the ideas may not be able to escape physically, but my efforts are dedicated to helping them try to ESCAPE mentally, if only for a short time,  from their dismal situations. I hope that you understand my vision for this project. Do you not see that it is much easier for patients to mentally “escape” from their surroundings when they are engaged in activities that are new to them-not the same, old, “tired ” activity.

     Perhaps some of my ideas are already being used by the staff of some hospitals. My vision is to see these ideas easily available to everyone -easily available and used in every hospital, nursing home and hospice.

     However, considering the nature of the new posts, would a more appropriate program acronym  be the “ditsanddahs” program (diversion therapy systems and designing acceptable hospital systems)?   This would describe the program with the new ideas included in a CW (morse code)  format.

     I also want to mention that I do realize that some of my ideas may appear to be “Jules Verne” in nature. However, I feel that the ideas can truly become a reality one day.

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