“This is simple but makes sense”

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

     This project blog contains ideas from  “simple to complex”.  This idea refers to the type of over the bed food tray commonly seen in hospitals. These trays are made of sturdy wood laminate tray tops with metal supports and pedestal casters. This idea would be valuable to patients in hospital beds who have to turn around and strain to try to find their glasses, or pen and paper, or wallet, etc. in the drawer by the side of their hospital beds. Perhaps, some patients  may worry about their eye-glasses being knocked on the floor if they are placed on top of this furniture. They may have to ask family members or hospital staff to help them locate items that may be important to them.

     Perhaps it is possible for the food trays that are currently used to contain a small drawer directly under the top of the food tray. Personal items that are important to the patient could be placed in this small drawer, within easy reach of the patient. If this idea is possible, it may alleviate one small concern from the many concerns these patients would have.

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