KID’S CLUB portrait

     To view this thumbnail photo in much greater detail, please click on the thumbnail picture. The picture will then become much larger.

     I have received permission from the artist of this pen and ink portrait to reproduce it.

     Youngsters using the KID’S CLUB units will be surprised and pleased to see this pleasing reproduction on the wall behind the units.

     This neat framed picture can be supplied with each KID’S CLUB amateur radio exposure unit that is placed in institutions or Ronald McDonald Homes.

     This picture is special to me for two reasons. It was given to me long ago by my wife as a  present. This picture also looks very similar to the amateur radio station of my youth.  I had my ham radio station located in my upstairs corner bedroom. I had equipment that looked similar to this picture, my persona was similar to this picture and the surroundings looked similar ( upstairs corner window “hamshack” ).  I was thirteen when I obtained my amateur radio license and have operated morse (cw) since that time. I started “pounding brass” with a morse key similar to the one seen here in this portrait.

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